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General Christian Content

The paucity of creative works here show that I have not exploited well my affections and abilities. I find Christian theology both intellectually interesting and emotionally satisfying, but I have seldom used my writing skill to increase cultural wealth.

Much of my poetry expresses a Christian ethos, but what I have classified as "theological verse" is the most specifically Christian in content. I also composed two formal prayers with significant poetic elements.

I also wrote a little song of poor musical quality (I am not musically gifted) and mediocre lyrical quality (I have written better verse).

My blog contains a few posts on Christian topics, but I have not properly tagged them so one would have to browse a bit to find them. Since I have not been active on my blog, there is not that much to browse.

The 21 July 2018 poetry reading, Behold Your God: A Perspective through Poetry, had a nice selection of Christian poems. I would like to record these sometime both to distribute to friends and acquaintances but also for Librivox, a provider of public domain audio books.