Humor Root Big Sam's Random Howe's

Random Howe's Book-of-the-Month Club

The culprits behind Big Sam's Anatomical Warehouse's Terran advertising campaign at Washington University in St. Louis also posted fliers for Random Howe's Book-of-the-Month Club. As can be seen from the two extant fliers (Q_MQVNK and The Joy of Reading), the humor was more involved and perhaps a little more satirical, though puns, silliness, and references to popular science fiction are common.

Other Humor from Wash. U.

Other humorous fliers made while at Washington University in St. Louis are not longer extant. Fliers included Nunzio's Mortuary and Pizzeria (free pick-up and delivery), a "Lost Protoceratops" notice from an institute of temporal studies, and a notice of interest in teeth from a certain T. Faerie. I do miss some of the fun of those days.