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What is Big Sam's Anatomical Warehouse?

Big Sam (Samgar Gantuan) and his Anatomical Warehouse was discovered by Thomas M. Payerle in the later 1980's while at Washington University in St. Louis. At that time single-page ads were developed with the help of Paul A. Clayton (that's me) using the Biology Department Library's Mac. Five examples of the old ads are available featuring gastropod shells, intestinal linings, mushroom mimicry, thorns, and used vertebrae.

As is common for creative endeavors, those early efforts were generally more humorous. However, even then the humor would only appeal to certain peculiar individuals.

The advertisements here presented are more recent (errr, less old) and may lack some of the pun-full satire of the earlier ads. However, it is hoped that the reader might find some amusement therein.

(The pseudo-website was only partially built and initially used the free web hosting provided by an ISP. A logo was never developed and there are other shortcomings, but it seems sufficiently interesting to share.)